Trompeau Bakery

1729 East Evans Avenue
Denver, CO 80210-4601
(303) 777-7222

Okay, so now that being vegan is over, it’s time for a little indulgence.  I’m not much of a steak person, nor do I go crazy over bacon, but if it’s got butter and cheese, I’ll probably like it.  I’d like to point out that the old blog, 40 Days of Vegan, can be found at, and this new blog is less socially conscious (sorry vegan readers!) but fits my eating style a bit more.  Minimally processed foods, more local establishments, and everything delicious.

Our first destination: Trompeau Bakery.  I discovered this tiny bread store my senior year of college at DU.  SENIOR YEAR!  For 3 WHOLE YEARS I was missing out on one of the best, most authentic bakeries in the city.  I couldn’t believe that I spent so many Saturday mornings eating stale bagels at Brueggers when the best quiches and croissants around were right under my nose.

We arrived before 8am, to be sure they were freshly stocked with all the best goods.  The quiches looked PHENOMENAL (and from experience, their looks are not deceiving), but I had yet to try out the savory croissants.  Chris opted for a turkey and swiss while I, apparently still stuck in some kind of vegetarian mindset (and not really that much of a meat eater, in all honesty), chose mushroom and swiss.

If you ever want to experience nirvana via cheesy-mushrooms-encased-in-buttery-flaky-pastry, then I would recommend Trompeau.  For the rest of you, you’re reading the wrong blog. 🙂


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